The Value of an Appraisal

December 28th, 2012 egreenfield


One of the most valuable tools available to a business is a professional appraisal of their assets/equipment.  A professional appraisal provides businesses with a plethora of benefits, as it provides an accurate figure of what their equipment is actually worth.  Let’s examine how it could benefit your business.

Asset Liquidation

Companies who are trying to convert assets to usable cash would greatly benefit from an appraisal of their equipment.  Certain challenges and obstacles constantly arise, and businesses may be forced to look for creative ways to create more cash for the company.  A professional appraisal can provide the answers they seek.  If they think they are getting good value for their assets, than auctioning or selling off their equipment may the best course of action.

Make Room For New Equipment

Businesses that are in the process of updating or upgrading their equipment would also benefit from a professional appraisal.  Perhaps the business is contemplating keeping the old equipment, unsure of its actual worth.  An appraisal can tell you if that is a wise idea, or if you should sell your old equipment while it is still in good shape and worth a respectable amount on the market.

Appeasing Lenders

An accurate assessment of the value of your equipment and other assets can create a favorable impression on lenders.  Lenders are able to see where money is being spent, and if it is being spent on astute investments that do not significantly depreciate over time.  Furthermore, some of the valuable assets could be used as collateral for future purchases.

Inventory Assistance

 An appraisal can provide guidance of where a business should spend money on equipment upgrades and where they can stay stagnant.

The important thing is staying ahead of things, and not having to pay for a myriad of upgrades after realizing that all of your equipment has become outdated or no longer functions at a valuable level.


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