Making Your “Waste” Line Improve Your “Bottom Line”

September 11th, 2012 petrowskyauctioneers

Thanks for taking the time to view our new blog.  We chose to create a blog so we can share more information and insight in a new and engaging way with our valued customers.   Today, we wanted to take a few moments to discuss how Petrowsky Auctioneers, Inc might assist your business in gaining additional cash flow.


For over three decades, our company has helped (assisted) construction companies and other business owners liquidate assets and purchase needed equipment in a cost efficient and expeditious manner.  A common misconception is that businesses only use our services when they are doing poorly.  However, that is simply not the case.


We have worked with numerous businesses selling equipment they no longer need.  Your idle and under-utilized equipment is a liability, subject to neglect and accidental damage, can be turned into an asset as additional capital for your business operations by using our auction services.


We take tremendous pride in our customer service and invite your business to consult us and take advantage of a multitude of selling options and venues.  We will ensure you get proper value for your asset, as we have a comprehensive system of assessing the equipment’s worth.  Our computerized system investigates what comparable items sold for, then takes into account the condition, age, model, etc. of the asset.  Petrowsky Auctioneers is proud of its tenure in business as well as a staff averaging over ten years of experience in the construction and trucking industry, assuring you will be working with a proficient overseer.


Petrowsky Auctioneers’ program features on-site and live internet bidding affording you access to global markets seasonal restriction.  So there is no strategy in delaying any longer.

If you have any general or specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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